My letter to MP Mark Harper re: Selling the Forest of Dean..


Dear Mark,

I am writing to you with deep concern regarding the proposed sale of the Forest of Dean.

I do not believe that an area of such historical and environmental importance would be safe in the hands of private ownership in the long term. While I am not naive enough to believe that there will be instant land clearing and new builds popping up everywhere, a takeover such as this cannot guarantee the preservation of this truly beautiful area in the long term future.

I am not about to spout the history and ecology of the forest at you as I am sure, or would certainly hope as a resident and our MP, that you are already more than aware of it.

The official line is that nothing will really change apart from who benefits from the revenue,  but I, among many others, may be excused from having any faith in this after witnessing so much government back-peddling of late, and also the disastrous effect that previous mass privatisation has had on our economy.

As our representative in parliament, I am bewildered as to why you are endorsing this sell off and steering it through parliament, and I am very keen to hear your justification for doing so. You must be aware of the fight that the forest community have in us after witnessing recent victories such as saving the Dilke and Lydney hospitals, and helping stop Tesco from monopolising Cinderford.

I am aware that this must be quite difficult for you in a career versus constituents sense, but strip it down and it is all very ‘love and marriage’.

Obviously it is in all of our interests to have you on side, but the fight will go on regardless, and despite our completely opposing political views I would prefer to stand on the same side of the line with you as  my representative IN government over standing against you as a representative OF government.

I look forward to reading your response.


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